Why shred cardboard?

As much as possible, RecyColl are trying to reuse items on the island, rather than incur financial and energy costs of shipping to Tiree and then the mainland for processing.  

What are we doing on Coll?

Check out this movie to find out more

We have 2 shredders in operation on the island.  One is based at Arileod farm, where--over the winter months--shredded cardboard is used instead of straw.  The second shredder is based at the Old Hall.  We shred cardboard here for a variety of uses:

  • as a fire starter
  • in your compost
  • as animal bedding
  • as cat litter
  • as packaging for presentation boxes
  • to make cardboard briquettes

We are selling shredded cardboard from the Old Hall.  

  • You can either come and shred your own cardboard and put in a donation for use of the macine and electricity
  • You can buy bags ready made!
    • 5kg      for £5
    • 2.5kg   for £3
    • sample bags for free 



What can I do to get involved?

Try  to make your own briquettes that can be burnt on any type of fire. Please see instructions here.

  • we have some of the briquette makers for people to try out at home.
  • we have some sample briquettes for folk to trial

Come and try out our shredder at the hall…it’s very therapeutic and if you’re shredding newspaper and magazines, you get a chance to have a last look at things before shredding…

Come and buy some shredded materials.

Or pick up newspaper and make your own fire starters...