Why recycle plastic?

Plastic is a low value product with high volume.  How much you separate depends on its end re use.  If it is going towards hard plastic (eg garden benches) then lots of things can go in, if it's going towards making bottles then it needs to be more precisely sorted.

What do we do on Coll?

The village compound is now closed, with plastics, tin and cardboard now recycled at the council banks at the Middle Pier in Arinagour. Glass bottles and jars should be placed in the separate bank.

Our plastic either goes to Oban or Tiree for processing.

From the end of November 2016, Argyll and Bute Council are planning to introduce three weekly general refuse collection (bin lorry) and a fortnightly kerbside recycling pick-up for cardboard, plastics and tin. Check the council website for more information.

How can I get involved?

Recycle your plastics at the banks at the Middle Pier

For the sake of the people sorting out this plastic, please wash them well, particularly any food items.

Please remove the pastic trigger and spray device from any cleaning bottles

Please remove any plastic film on food trays or cling film

Some plastics have no symbol but can be recycled.  Please check with a member of RecyColl if you are unsure

We ask you to rinse your items for two reasons: the first is to make it as pleasant as possible for the folk who are handling these items; and the second is that a dirty item can contaminate a whole batch that it has to go to landfill.