Why take part in a beach clean?

Litter in our seas and shoreline is such an eyesore and is hazardous to marine life, man and the environment. Litter is also a man made problem- it shouldn’t be there. We are the ones polluting the natural environments of marine wildlife; therefore it is only natural that we have a sense of responsibility towards helping to sort the problem.

Getting involved in a local beach clean is one of the ways that you can help and also by lobbying governments to do more to protect our oceans.

What do we do on Coll?

Beach cleans on the island are organised by Lisa Carr, Beach Clean Officer for Recycoll.  The standard procedure is to choose a beach that is most in need of cleaning--usually based on local knowledge.

Lisa then contacts Ben Jones (RSPB) who lends his trailer--the size depends on how much rubbish there is on the beach.  Sometimes with a beach like Crossapol it can take repeated visits to clean it entirely.

Ben often attends himself especially if we require his tractor to pull out large amounts of rope that have become buried in the sand.

During our beach cleans we also use a chart to log what kind of items of rubbish we are finding on our beaches. This acts as important statistical information.

How can I get involved?

It’s easy- just turn up and bring family and friends with you if you can. This makes it more fun, lighter work and leaves more time for fun beach activities or a picnic in the warmer months.

Regular beach cleans take place from February/March to October/November with Lisa Carr and volunteers and staff from Project Trust. 

Beach cleans are also organised with the staff and pupils of our local school, and with the broader community. We are often joined by tourists in the summer.

What shall I bring to wear?

Protective clothing
Empty feed/coal bags (always appreciated)
Warm clothing
A warm/cold drink