Hot Bin Composting

RecyColl have purchased two “HOTBIN” composters as we are keen to explore the possibilities of creating composting using not only vegetable waste, but also plate scrapings.  These two bins are on trial in a domestic setting, under the watchful eyes of Chloe and Emma.

Some key points:

  • The HOTBIN is an aerobic compost bin that operates best at temperatures between 40-60°c
  • It’s this high heat that gets bacteria breaking down waste into compost in just 30 – 90 days, not to mention killing off weed seeds and pathogens (anything that causes disease)
  • To reach these temperatures you need to feed the bacteria in the bin and provide them with oxygen. In the HOTBIN you can feed them with a wider variety of waste than traditional cold composting heaps and divert more waste from landfill in the process. Pretty good!
  • Mulching compost is produced in circa 1 month
  • Normal compost is produced in circa 3 months
  • The HOTBIN Works all year round
  • You need 5kg of waste per week. White tub shown is full of plate scrapings and weighs 2kg; Green caddy shown contains vegetable peelings and weighs 8kg




You need to add the equivalent volume in “brown” materials

If you would like to read more about the models we have purchased, please visit:

Or please contact us at the old Hall (051) if you want to sign up for a trial or go see one of the bins in operation.  The bins will be available for others to use from April 2015