Why recycle batteries?

Recycling batteries is good for the environment.  It keeps them out of the landfill, where heavy metals may leak into the ground when the battery casing corrodes, causing soil and water pollution.  If batteries are incinerated with household waste, the heavy metals in them may cause air pollution.

source: www.erp-batteries.co.uk

What do we do on Coll?

We gather domestic batteries in the village compound, and then send them to Tiree.  From here, they get sent to a treatment plant.

Larger batteries get collected at the Civic Amenities site, Cliad.  From here they are taken for processing.  Lead, acid and plastic are removed and recycled.

How can I get involved?

Please use the bin  at the village compound to recycle domestic batteries.  

Larger batteries should be taken to the Cliad facility.

Try and use rechargeable batteries or appliances that use renewable sources...a solar powered calculator, a wind up torch or a solar powered charger.