Why would you buy local produce?

Here are three top reasons for buying locally produced food:

  1. Local foods are fresher and will be seasonal…this often means they taste better.
  2. Local foods usually have less environmental impact.
  3. Local foods support your local economy

What are we doing on Coll?

When RecyColl carried out a “snapshot” survey back in March 2013, 92% of the 36 folk who took part, said they would like to be able to access more locally produced food.  To clarify, by “locally produced food” we mean primary source: eggs or vegetables or meat or fish rather than cakes or meals.

At the same time we asked some local providers about the percentage of food they sold on island compared to off island.  One farmer said he sold 10% on island and up to 90% off island.  A fisherman said he sold 7.5% on island and 92.5% off island.

In response to these survey results, we included a desire “to improve awareness of both residents and visitors of their access to local food supplies” in our CCF funded project.

We have completed our survey work within the CCF project, and you can read the report here, plus associated appendix.

We published some highlights in the February newsletter and are now in the process of producing a leaflet to further improve awareness of how to access local food, particularly for visitors to Coll.


What can I do to get involved?

  • Buy local food! Visit our "where to buy" to find out how.
  • If you would like to get involved in any of the new ideas put forward in the report, please contact a member of RecyColl.